If the BBC says that dance can keep you young and healthy then who are we to disagree with them? I suspect they were thinking more of ballet then pole dancing – knowing the values of the BBCread the full article here

The idea is that girls who show no or little interest in sport can still be encouraged to participate in a physical activity if they are encourages to dance. It has been established that boys spend more time physically exerting themselves than girls. This has always been the case – and it would appear that attempts to get them involved in more team sports through compulsory PE classes have in fact been entirely counter-productive. We believe – and this is backed up by research – that dance is the exercise that can get through the gender exercise barrier and encourage girls to raise their heart beats.

With getting on for 1 in 5 young people seriously endangering their health by being obese then anything that can eat into that statistic has to be considered useful, which is why we are actively campaigning for the uptake of dance by kids.

Funding for any dancing initiatives by the very authorities and bodies that stand to benefit the most have surely got to be the best approach!