Schools and Youth Programs Raise Funds and Get Healthy!

The Dance for Health™
a fundraiser brought to you by award winning nonprofit Healthy Kids Challenge
healthy fun at home, school, or in the community
a way to get kids and adults active

For nearly a decade, Healthy Kids Challenge has been helping communities, schools, and youth programs support kids and adults in making healthy eating and physical activity a habit.

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Health works and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Every activity that makes you move will improve your health and improve your entire quality of life. Whether it’s pole dancing or rugby movement will make you healthier.

Here at healthy kids dance then we think of dancing as the best and most fun form of exercise – but that is because dancing is what we love, we also think that kids have a natural desire to move to music that does not take much to encourage.

Just simply putting on some music while you play with your children will step up the dancing until you are all enjoying yourselves. From that moment on when you catch each others eyes as you dance together you will be healthier, because you will be happier.

The equation of::

music + dancing = fun + healthy

really is as straight forwards as that  if you don’t believe us then try it out!

Health Works

Healthy Fundraisers Impact Kids and Families

Fundraisers are a key means of financial support for schools and youth organizations. With emerging priorities to model healthy practices and meet wellness policies, it can be challenging to blend the two!
Dance for Health™ provides a fun, educational solution! Across all ages, cultures, and economic status, there are ideas to make this a community-wide event.
Dance for Health™ offers a great opportunity to remind everyone healthy kids learn better! *Research shows the impact of healthy eating and physical activity on better behavior and academic performance!
Dance for Health™ sends a message of your school or youth program’s commitment to promoting healthy behaviors.
Dance for Health™ supports healthier environments. No need to give up fundraisers, they ARE important! Think of the impact that a healthy fundraiser could have in many different environments such as school, home, and community.

Health Works! Make it work for you! Plan your own Dance for Health™. For more Health Works solutions, see Healthy Kids Challenge

*”A rich body of literature confirms a direct link between student health risk behavior and education outcomes, education behavior, and student attitudes about education.” Journal of School Health, 1997; 67(6):220-227.