Looking for ideas to dance – then look no further from X-Pole to tap dance we’ve got ideas to make healthy kids dancewatch the video for a few ideas for family fun  the sort of stuff that does not need any serious training but is really just fun, fun, fun!

A Fun, Healthy Fundraiser!

Dance for Health™ is a fundraising event you plan and schedule at a time and date of your choosing. The event can be held in a school gym, community center, playground or local park. It can even be combined with an existing event!

Kids LOVE to dance – and Dance for Health™ encourages it. Dance is the most culturally accepted activity in any corner of the globe and as ancient as humankind. Because of its fun appeal it is a natural choice for HKC’s goal to help get an entire nation moving!

Healthy Kids Challenge offers a detailed action planning toolkit, a 15% discount on all HKC services and products, and recognition to participating schools and programs that send success stories.

Be a part of this wonderful opportunity to raise funds, be eligible for prizes, and bring people together with a fun, healthy message.

All of the funds raised are yours to support actions for healthy eating and physical activity! Start now!…