The Daily Mail doesn’t appear to know whether it should look upon this as a good or a bad thing? The propensity for mother and daughter pole dancing lesson!

mother daughter pole dance

mother daughter pole dance

The thing is if we want healthy kids to dance then we need to give them a style of dance that they are going to enjoy – and if the Mum is already into pole dancing that into pole dancing then it is quite right that they’d want to make this a family event! What could be more about family vlues than the notion of healthy kids dancing pole together.

There is also the fact that the partnership between mother and daughter – with the unbalanced weights could lead to some great pairs routines that would never be possible between two adults!

Read the full opinion piece in the Daily Mail and then decide for yourself what you think about it.

There is an interesting reference in the article to the father that objected at first before he actually saw a routine – which is about what we expect at Healthy Kids Dance – once you actually see pole sport you get a much greater understanding of what is is all about.