Who would have thought that clothing could kick up such a furore – we were sent a story by Pole Sport who were about to start stoking a range of Verticawear on their store┬ábut are wondering about it now… after reading a story which appears to focus more on the ple dancing shorts than any other aspect of the routine!

The complaint form a father was more about what was being worn (pole dance shorts) than anything to do with the routine! It sort of ignore the fact the the children were basically performing a vertical gymnastic routine and were obviously going to be wearing suitable pole clothes!

pole dancing shorts

pole dancing shorts

What exactly does that parent think of them racing around an athletic track whilst wearing a pair of shorts? Or doing yoga with shorts on?

Maybe the fact that some of the routines were performed by dancers wearing not pole clothes, but animal costumes? Surely thta illustrates that there really was nothing sleazy going on?

If anything this story put kids pole dancing in a healthy light due to the fact that it illustrates that many people support it, with the head teacher of the primary school coming out to defend it.