OK, so it’s a common question and the would you go X-Pole Sport or Xpert? Well from the point of view of healthy kids dance then it would really make no difference – if however you were talking about for yourself then the answer would be fr more obvious – go the X-POle xpert!

The problem with the choice for kids is that when the pole starts to spin then they tend to get dizzy and start to panic, which more often than not will result in a slip and a spill. Of course this is not always the way it goes – it has been known to actually encourage them to go into a spin – this is particularly the case when you are either teaching young boys or teenage girls, the result of this is far more likely to be deliberate high-speed spins and the even faster tumbles than you normally get. So, to summarize we’d only ever suggest that you get an X-Pole xpert if it is you plan to share it with the healthy kids that dance.

x pole xpert chrome set

Of course you could lock the pole so that it doesn’t move, spin or twist – but you’ll be paying extra money for facilities that you really don’t need.

It is also worth knowing that even if they spin (unlike with other brands) there is no way that little fingers or digits can get caught or trapped – even when your back is turned and the dancers are doing their best to behave like energetic, healthy kids rather than disciplined dancers – but let’s face it – this is always going to happen when children are involved!