It takes a brave person to take suggest that there is more to pole dancing than stripping when it comes to the idea of healthy kids dance – but that is exactly what they have done over at X-Pole at least that is what the UK shop PoleSport have been telling me. They started with the obvious which was to cotact customers that had previously purchased X-Pole products from them and then asked there opinions on the matter.

The first part was all about asking for opinions – what did people thing about the idea of healthy kids dance for X-Poles? We were surprised to find out that in fact opinions were quite divided even between people that considered themselves pole dancers. Some had no problem with the idea – whilst others were slightly squeamish even though they might have only ever danced in a gym – they still associated the idea of pole dancing with its strip club heritage! This an illustration of the power that media can play in informing opinions and also in misinforming them!

Pole Sport went to a few gyms to ask them if they were willing to put on kids classes and the main problem wasn’t actually related to the idea of the healthy kids pole dancing but rather in the idea of kids at all! It would appear that gyms do not like children … the reasons given were varied health and safety and child protection were mostly given but reading between the lines what they probably meant to say was we don’t like kids and people com ehere to get away from their families and socialize in the bar area!

This article on the BBC website college in pole dancing row goes into the idea a bit further and that is at a college with young adults rather than kids present.